Saturday, August 22, 2009

Have you ever wondered...

what goes through the mind of a cat? I have, many times. If you look deeply into their eyes, you can see mysterious things going on in there. Of course, they try to hide what their thinking with that wide eyed innocent stare. But those of us lucky enough to have one nearby, know that they're usually planning something. I know with R.B., it's usually where his next nap will be....most likely in the middle of my bed, if he can get there...With Rambo, it will be when she can nag mom into her next meal...So all during the day, there's plotting, planning and implementing taking place in this house...just like a well oiled corporate office. If only they were in the political sector, all the troubles in the world (at least theirs, anyway) would be solved. Problems are identified, solutions sought and implemented. End of discussion for them...All is well in their world...If only humans were that focused and decisive. We just may be able to learn a bit from them, if only we'd be a bit more attentive.


  1. They are planning something... Just waiting for you to leave, then the curtains are theirs!

  2. If there like mine, they're party planning for when I'm at work