Wednesday, November 18, 2009

If Only They Could Say "Dad"...

this would be an enormous help in my daily life.  Don't get me wrong, I love the fact that my children have learned my name.  At times though, I wish it were something else...  I have several cats that have learned to literally say "Mom" in various ways and at some of the most inappropriate times.  And they are very insistant about being answered.  Of course, Dad just laughs and goes his merry way saying they're asking for me...Big help he is sometimes.

I always know which one's calling me.  Just like 2 legged children, they have thier own distinctive sound and version. Bubba, who's calling me now starts out with a "Mmmommm" and ends up with a quick"MaMa", usually he wants to be heldand get snuggles.  Rambo, on the other hand has this raspy voice and sings her version-"Maoomooma" with the volume of an operatic aria at the Metropolitan Opera. It's a wonder to me the people in the next town don't hear her. Then there's the dainty sound of SweetCheeks --"Maom"...because the cat food is low on the plate. 

Now I know that cats have trouble with consonants, but I keep trying to teach them how to say "Dad" with little luck so far.  Maybe someday when I least expect it, it will pop out of one of their mouthes by mistake...Then I'll have em...The others will pick it up and I'll be all set...bonbons and filing my fingernails on the couch for me as Dad will have "his turn"....ummmmm-if only.....

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